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Instructional Coordinators

Instructional Coordinators
Quick Facts : Instructional Coordinators*
2010 Median Pay$58,830
Entry Level EducationMaster's degree
Work Experience in Related OccupationNone
Number of Jobs, 2012139,700
Job Outlook20% (Faster than average)
Employment Change27,300

Instructional Coordinators oversee school district?s curriculums and teaching standards. They work with teachers and school administrators to develop and implement new teaching techniques for improving the quality of education.

What Instructional Coordinators Do

  • Oversee the development of the school system's curriculum
  • Stay up to date with teaching techniques and help teachers adopt new strategies
  • Develop procedures to ensure that teachers are properly implementing the curriculum
  • Train teachers and other instructional staff in new content or programs
  • Mentor or coach teachers who need help improving their skills

Work Environment

Instructional coordinators work in public and private schools. They generally work year-round and do not have summer breaks, as do workers in some other education occupations.
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Job Outlook

Employment of instructional coordinators is expected to grow by 20 percent from 2010 to 2020 as schools increasingly focus on improving teachers? effectiveness.
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The average salary of instructional coordinators was $58,830 in May 2010.
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Instructional Coordinators*
Average Annual Salary, May 2010

Instructional Coordinators


Education Occupations


All Jobs in the U.S.

Instructional Coordinators*
Percent Change in Employment

Instructional Coordinators


Education Occupations


All Jobs in the U.S.


Becoming a Instructional Coordinators

School districts generally require instructional coordinators to have at least a master's degree in curriculum and instruction or in a related field. Some instructional coordinators have a master's degree in the content field they plan to specialize in, such as math or history. In addition, they often require them to be licensed teachers or licensed school administrators.
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