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Industrial Production Managers

Industrial Production Managers
Quick Facts : Industrial Production Managers*
2010 Median Pay$87,160
Entry Level EducationBachelor's degree
Work Experience in Related OccupationNone
Number of Jobs, 2012150,300
Job Outlook9% (Slower than average)
Employment Change13,700

Industrial production managers oversee the daily operations of manufacturing and related plants. They coordinate, plan, and direct the activities used to create a wide range of goods, such as cars, computer equipment, or paper products. They are responsible for carrying out quality control programs to make sure the finished product meets a prescribed level of quality.

What Industrial Production Managers Do

  • Decide how best to use a plant's workers and equipment to meet production goals
  • Ensure that production stays on schedule and within budget
  • Monitor a plant's workers to ensure they meet performance and safety requirements
  • Determine whether new machines are needed, or whether overtime work is necessary
  • Fix any production problems that may arise

Work Environment

Almost 80 percent of industrial production managers work in manufacturing industries. Most work full time, and many work long hours.
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Job Outlook

Employment of industrial production managers is projected to grow 9 percent from 2010 to 2020.
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The average salary of industrial production managers was $87,160 in May 2010.
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Industrial Production Managers*
Average Annual Salary, May 2010

Industrial Production Managers


Construction Occupations


All Jobs in the U.S.

Industrial Production Managers*
Percent Change in Employment

Industrial Production Managers


Construction Occupations


All Jobs in the U.S.


Becoming a Industrial Production Managers

Most employers require production managers to have a bachelor's degree and 2 to 5 years of related work experience. Most have a bachelor's degree in business administration or industrial engineering. Sometimes, production workers with many years of experience take management classes and become a production manager. At large plants, where managers have more oversight responsibilities, employers may look for managers who have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a graduate degree in industrial management.
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