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5 Reasons to Go Back to School For Your Degree!

Not sure if going back to school is right for you? If you feel like you've been waiting around for the perfect career opportunity but it hasn't ever come, furthering your education could be leg up you need to go after it yourself.

Whether you want to switch careers, land a promotion, or make more money, it may be the right time for you to go back to school. College degrees aren't a free pass for success, it can be a tool for opening doors that may not be currently available to you.

Going back to school is a big commitment so it requires plenty of research before making a final decision. We've listed the five major reasons that people typically go back to school for to help you figure out if you should too.

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1. Better Chances for Employment

As of August 2013, the national unemployment rate is 7.3 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This time two years ago it was at 9 percent. Although signs point to improvement in the jobs sector, it's still a long way from being stable and the workforce is well aware of this. BLS data indicates that bachelor's degree holders have an advantage over people who only hold a high school diploma when looking for a job. In 2012, those with only a high school diploma had an unemployment rate of 8.3 while bachelor's degree holders were at 4.5.

2. Earning Higher Income

The common notion that more education leads to more money may not apply in every case, but there's still strong BLS data to support it. Bachelor's degree holders in 2012 made an average of $1,066 per week. High school diploma holder made $652. On average, that's a difference of over $400 per week.

3. Access to Health Insurance Benefits

Healthcare reform is a highly debated issue in Congress and progress on that issue will likely be drawn out over time. In March 2013, 64 percent of employees in private industries had access to retirement and healthcare benefits, according to the BLS. State and local government employees had an 89 percent of access to retirement and healthcare benefits. BLS data also shows that employer-provided medical care benefits were available to 70 percent of workers in private industry, compared with 87 percent of workers in state and local government.

4. Qualified for More Career Opportunities

Five years from now, 63 percent of jobs will require some college education, according to a report done by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the workforce. The study, titled "Projections of Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018" found that those who have furthered their education beyond high school will have a better chance in the job market because they will have more of the qualifications employers are looking for.

5. More Positive Outlook on Life

Research is showing that higher education may contribute to a better outlook on life. An independent study found that 81 percent of Americans report that they gained a personal sense of accomplishment after graduating college. Three-quarters of those surveyed said that their degree was a positive factor in their lives. This ties into career satisfaction. Degree holders have more access to the jobs they want and are therefore happier in their jobs.


Start Your Journey with the Right Degree. Find a Degree now!